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inter-vlan routing in aruba6000 controller

i have two aruba 6000 controller working as redundancy.


they are connected to two nexus 7k in full redudancy.


the mangement vlan is 232 for controller.


i have two SSID's, SSID1 and SSID2


SSID 1 belongs to vlan 2340 and subnet is

SSID 2 belongs to vlan 2360 and subnet is


in our setup we have one transparent FW and it is in default policies which is permit all.


the function of transparent FW is to bridge between the vlan.


like, the controller vlan is 2320 but the gateway is present in nexus in vlan 232. so the traffic from controller reaches the nexus and when it finds the vlan is 2320 it immediately forwards to FW and firewall bridges the vlan from 2320 to 232 and reaches the gateway . the return traffic is vice versa. from vlan 232 to vlan 2320.


this traffic flow applies to vlan 234 and vlan 236.


now i am facing one issue.


from the controller when i try to ping the management gateway i am able to ping

but when i am trying to SSID gateway or i am not able to ping. becuase of this the SSID are not able to communication or get the IP from the DHCP.


you help is appreciated.


attaching the diagram and configuraiton of aruba.


expecting your reples


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