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interface 20483 ?

We recently set up SNMP on our Aruba controller to send traps to our network management software.


I keep getting this alert that says....


Trap of Source:  ArubaWireless(

Location:  MDF

Contact:  Network Team


Trap Name:  Link UP

Severity:  Event

Trap Time:  2012-01-24 09:28:06

Description:  The interface 20483 is UP.


and then throughout the day I get the same message but with it saying the interface 20483 is DOWN.  Then back up etc etc etc. Happens about twice a day or so.


I can filter out this message in the SNMP software but any idea as to what Interface 20483 could possibly be? I've looked in the Aruba logs and I don't see it anywhere. We are not experiencing any problems with the wireless at all.


Any ideas?

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Re: interface 20483 ?

Can you open a case? I don't get that same result.

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Re: interface 20483 ?

I found some information about interface 20483.



Hope this helps.

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