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Which is the most disaster interfernce , Whether it is caused by the rogue , due to adjacent channel or co-channe interference . What arub does to clear the interference by the rogue and co-channel .

Does it will deal with  in differnt way ?

sorry for being dump :) , iam new to wireless tech

Thank you

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Re: interference

CCI from any device, rogue or friendly, is more likely to be destructive than ACI.  Provided that adjacent channel power attenuates enough between two APs, the signals will not interfere.  CCI is more likely to be an issue because the signals will be interpreted at -85dBm or even lower depending on the radio.


By default, Aruba ARM scans 2.4/5 GHz bands to determine the "health" of the available channels.  It keeps an index of APs that it can hear and how loud they are and measures the noise floor.  Using these metrics the AP can change channels to avoid interference.  Don't expect an AP to immediately change channels due to a suspected rogue or neighboring AP on the same/adjacent channel.  For instance, "client aware" mode (enabled by default) will keep the AP from changing channels when clients are associated to that band.  Even if you disabled client aware, you may need to adjust other thresholds like the noise threshold or free channel index for an AP to make a channel change due to interference.  Being new to wifi as you stated, I wouldn't suggest making changes to these settings, I simply want to inform you what to expect and how the technology works.

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