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iphone Guest users accessing by Controller 7010 captive portal, does not remain logged in.

Hello everybody!


We have recently acquired Aruba wireless solution over two 7010 controller in HA, and 25 IAP215 (now CAP mode) over whole building. The issue we have recently notice, is that guest users which them have accessed by captive portal using iphone, they enter to the Captive Portal well, the receptionist generates the access, they logs in succesfully, but if the user suspends their iphone or there are some time not using the phone, the user have to enter to the captive portal again using a new credentials provided by receptionist again.

Is estrange because this happens only with iphone users, Android and laptops operates fine.

I've heard about enable MAC catching, or trying disable the 2.5Ghz band, but I don't know exactly where to start this troubleshooting.

Thanks for your time and help.

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