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I've been using IAP225's for 2 months with no issues. User have been receiving both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses from our L3 router (IPv4 through DHCP, IPv6 through L3 router).


This week I've removed the IPA setup and replaced it for an Aruba WLAN using 7220's and IAP325's, which are currently converted as controller based AP's.


Now, in this new setup when clients are connected they don't receive an IPv6 address anymore.

I've checked the documentation but am not bale to find any reason why this is not working anymore with the controller based setup. I did enable IPv6 globally which should be sufficient for the WLAN to process IPv6 packets.


Is there any additional setting/configration needed for the wireless clients to receive an IPv6 address? I assume it won't be neccesary to configure these as the controller should only be a passthrough device for IPv6 in my point of view. The acutal IPv6 DHCP is done by a L3 router. 

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Re: ipv6

Make sure the ACL for your user role has at least this line:


ipv6  any any any  permit

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Re: ipv6

Thanks Colin, will try that outside business hours as I'm not sure if it will impact services.

Will let you know the results.

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Re: ipv6



I checked the presence of the ipv6 user role and it is already active (printscreen attached).

In addition I added a firewall policy to allow ipv6 traffic any any but even then my client is not receiving an IPv6 address.

When I connect my client to an IAP cluster, it does receive an IPv6 address. Must be some setting on the controller, besides enabling IPv6 globally and ACL.


Before I open a case any ideas? 

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