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license server change

i currently have a cetralized license server. The license server controller is going to be decomisioned. i have another controller that we have transfered the licenses to but i can not change the server address on my controllers. how would i get this changed?

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Re: license server change

Add a backup master to the centralized licensing controller.  It then becomes the backup centralized master.  Remove the master and the backup takes over.  If the master is removed without a backup, after 30 days all the licenses revert to the controllers they were installed on.  If all the licenses were installed in the individual controllers, they will revert to the individual controllers after 30 days of not seeing the license master.



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Re: license server change

Collin,  thanks for the reply.   I was looking at the document and what I am having trouble with is that the site that I have the controller on now is going away (and it is a master local, and all my other sites are master/standby master).    The site I am moving the license server too is at a totaly different site and I do not believe I can add VRRP between them, so not sure how I would get it to move over.

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