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limit used wireless traffic over low bandwidth link

we got some locations on our MPLS network with small bandwidth links, think 1-4Mbps. now we want to deploy campus APs on some of these location which will offer multiple SSIDs, with controller on the HQ, but we don't want the wireless traffic to fill up these links. what are the options to limit the bandwidth the wireless traffic will cause, would bandwidth contracts on a user role be the best way to go? or is there something else which might be applied here?


the issue i see with bandwidth contracts on roles is that it would require you to spread to bandwidth between roles if you use a different role per ssid, is there a way to handle this without using the same role?

This is the only way to use bandwith contract

if u dont want to use the same user-role...as you said - You must calculte and split the bandwith between all diffrent ssids.

-there is no other way as far as i aware-

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Re: This is the only way to use bandwith contract

ok, thanks.

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