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looking for a definition of each command line on S2500-24P

to better understand and learn the switch inside and out, i thought it woulkd be nice to define what each line does. When you hit show run: a definition to what each line means is useful to help my team and i understanding the switch as a whole. i know it's all default configs, but knowing what's going on and what the switch is doing would be nice. Is this defined anywhere, or does anyone know where to locate this?

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Re: looking for a definition of each command line on S2500-24P


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Re: looking for a definition of each command line on S2500-24P

i have all this documentation, i wasn't asking for that. i was simply asking this:


when you hit show run, as it shows below, the first many lines are built into every switch, what do each line mean as it's workings on the switch.

Configuration file for ArubaOS
version 7.3

netservice svc-dhcp udp 67 68
netservice svc-dns udp 53 alg dns
netservice svc-ftp tcp 21 alg ftp
netservice svc-h323-tcp tcp 1720
netservice svc-h323-udp udp 1718 1719
netservice svc-http tcp 80
netservice svc-https tcp 443
netservice svc-icmp 1
netservice svc-kerberos udp 88
netservice svc-natt udp 4500
netservice svc-ntp udp 123
netservice svc-sip-tcp tcp 5060
netservice svc-sip-udp udp 5060
netservice svc-sips tcp 5061 alg sips
netservice svc-smtp tcp 25
netservice svc-ssh tcp 22
netservice svc-telnet tcp 23
netservice svc-tftp udp 69 alg tftp
netservice svc-vocera udp 5002 alg vocera
ip access-list stateless allowall-stateless
  any any any  permit
ip access-list stateless dhcp-acl-stateless
  any any svc-dhcp  permit
ip access-list stateless dns-acl-stateless
  any any svc-dns  permit
ip access-list stateless http-acl-stateless
  any any svc-http  permit
ip access-list stateless https-acl-stateless
  any any svc-https  permit
ip access-list stateless icmp-acl-stateless
  any any svc-icmp  permit
ip access-list stateless logon-control-stateless
  any any svc-icmp  permit
  any any svc-dns  permit
  any any svc-dhcp  permit
  any any svc-natt  permit
ip access-list session validuser
  network any any  deny
  any any any  permit
user-role authenticated
 access-list stateless allowall-stateless
user-role denyall
user-role denydhcp
user-role guest
 access-list stateless http-acl-stateless
 access-list stateless https-acl-stateless
 access-list stateless dhcp-acl-stateless
 access-list stateless icmp-acl-stateless
 access-list stateless dns-acl-stateless

Re: looking for a definition of each command line on S2500-24P


in the link bellow


you can find the Aruba mobilty switch CLI guide, and you can download it.


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