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low memory symptoms?

We are having wifi connectivity and stability issue at one of our clients.

The site has one 3400 controller, with 51 active AP's, currently serving up to around 1000 devices.

It has several SSID's, one for BYOD authenticating via captive portal/LDAP, one for staff wifi with wpa psk which does not have any traffic limitation, and a guest wifi with wpa psk.

For some reason, devices on staff wifi via AP205 cannot access local devices such as the wireless controller or printers, although it can ping the device and telnet to port 80 or 4343 etc works fine.  If the same device moves away from AP205 and move to AP105 or AP125 area, the problem goes away.

Also time to time the staff wifi rejects users from connecting, and rebooting the controller brings it back to work.  Also, each time we change the passphrase for the staff wifi, the controller needs to be rebooted, otherwise no one can get on.

After we added more AP205's on site, users are reporting that they cannot access the captive portal page anymore.  What is strange is it works on some devices but not on most devices.

All AP's and the controllers and wlans are in the same vlan and there is no routing/vlan issues.  This has become more frequent after we added more AP's to the system.

I am wondering if this is a typical symptom when you have under powered controller vs the demand.

It shows very little memory left (under 5% of total memory) when I run 'show memory' from cli.


The CPU usage is always below 10% so I assume it is not related to the cpu.


The controller never crashes or reboots by itself etc, but just had this strange behavious. What is not working will work for a while after the controller has been rebooted.


Anyone had similar experience and solutions?  Currently running firmware which is the latest build available.


Thanks !

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Re: low memory symptoms?

Please open a tac case in parallel to this post.  It could take awhile to sort out your issue(s) and it would take to long to rely on this forum alone.

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