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master & locals upgrade



I have read some of the previous posts about this. I would like to try a centralized image upgrade and am looking at the instructions here:




Could you clarify something for me please? Step 5 says:


"Click the Verify button... <snip>... Once controller images are “verified” by the master controller, the local controllers that are in the upgrade target list connect to the file server, download the appropriate image, and upgrade their software to the downloaded version"


But then goes on to say:


"Next, specify which local controllers should download the image from the image server..."

But according to Step 5 this has already happened, or am I reading this incorrectly?


I want to be sure at what point the controller pushes out the new image. I may decide to do the upgrade from the CLI in which case I guess I also need clarification on exactly what the command 'upgrade verify' does.


Thank you


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