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master-local deployment



Currently I have two 3200 controllers and 41 APs. I'd like to purchase additional controller to have full redundancy. Can anybody told me what will be the best way to achive it? In my opinion I should purchase 7010 controller. The first controller will work as master and the next two will works as local in active-active mode. But what would happen if the one local controller failover. Will the Master controller  terminate AP which were terminated to faliover local controller?






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Re: master-local deployment

you shouldn't use any 70xx as master.


it will probably be a 72xx currently then.


you can configure the 72xx as master, the 3200 both as local with some of the APs. then have the master function as a backup LMS in the case the 3200 fails.


it might not be the best configuration, with possibly terminating APs on a master, but it will work.




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