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master - local design



we currently have a master - local design setup.  Taking into account redundancy, we need to upgrade as the master is currently serving 67 ap's.  And the local 3.  When reading the redundancy design guide, seems that the active-active n-1 is the most interesting setup we can make, when purchasing an extra controller?

Only thing which isn't clear yet...  Do we create a master (main) - master (backup) - local setup, or master (main) - local - local setup? I guess the first one would make more sense?  

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Re: master - local design



What model controllers do you have right now?

What are your redundancy requirements?  (full redundancy, partial)


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Re: master - local design

You would not gain any AP-room with a redundant master + local setup.  

The master-backup would never terminate any APs untill the master-main goes down so you would not be able to terminate any more APs than you do now and still have no 100% redundancy.


Your best bet would be to go with a single master and 2 local controllers. Terminate all APs to the local controllers and have both locals failover to the master. This way you can load up both locals up to 64 campus APs each and still have any 1 controller fail without interruptions.

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Re: master - local design

What type of controllers? It's recommended to not have any AP's on the master. The master can be set to backup the local if it goes down, but all the AP's should reside on the local. That being said if you have to buy a new controller it should be a local. The only thing the master will handle is configuration and if it goes down, the locals will continue to work. Config changes will be limited until your master is back online.
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Re: master - local design

Hi pnobel,


Requirement is very important, no point getting all the redundancy information and it did not solve your issue. From your environment I would still do 1 X Master and 2 X local. Master shoul dnot hold any APs like menytion is earlier post. The local controllers can do fast failover to one another, I have attached a link for your reference.




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Re: master - local design

Controllers are 3400 type.  If a slave master controller can't terminate any ap's, then master-local/local is indeed the most obvious solution here.  Thx!

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