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master/local setup

We have 2 6000 controllers configured as master/local running redundancy) but all of the licenses are on the local controller. My question when I create a DNS entry for aruba-master should the IP address be the master or local controller IP address?
Also should the lms-ip be the local controller since that's where all the licenses are?


Re: master/local setup

There should be licenses on the master as well.  However, this code predates me so I might be unfamiliar.  However, for the LMS, I would use the local controller in this scenario.  The question I have is how can failover work (assuming you want to fail over to the master) if there are no licenses on it?

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Re: master/local setup

We run a similar setup, and indeed you do need licenses on your secondary controller. Licenses are bound to serial, so the licenses must be unique.


Typlically LMS should terminate on the local controller.

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Re: master/local setup

aruba-master should point to the master, APs will connect and be send to the local based on the settings.

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