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mesh issues after upgrade to



We run two mesh links (on completely different parts of our network). They both have a switch at the far end of the mesh with APs hanging off those switches serving 'normal' user clients. The mesh APs are set up with g-radio's turned off and this set up has been working for the past year or two.


Since we upgraded from to yesterday we have lost contact with both of the mesh 'point' end switches. But the meshes themselves are fine and the client APs at the 'point' end of the meshes are also fine (serving clients and pingable etc). We can't SSH to, or ping the switches (and our monitoring software cannot see them either)


I don't know what the problem might be other than the switch management vlan not being passed across the mesh link? But I haven't made any changes to this.


Have you seen any issues like this?



Re: mesh issues after upgrade to

Start with TAC, something changed, and I'm not sure what. If the APs are up (both mesh points AS WELL AS the APs hanging off said switch off the mesh point), then it's likely an issue with the mesh point's enet config, it may need to have the correct role (authenticated or whatever role you used) re-configured or re-applied. But TAC should be able to sort it out fairly quickly since we know the datapath is fine for the APs.

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