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mesh link in IAP-175


We are trying to form the mesh link between the IAP-175 at a distance of 500 meters.

I know that we don't need to do any configuration doe IAP.
We have connected ANT-2x2-5614 antenna in both the IAP.
But mesh link is getting established only up to 150 meters and not more than that. We have a clear line of sight and also configured transmit power to maximum

Can anyone say whether can we establish mesh link between IAP-175 at a distance of 500 meters with antenna mentioned above?

Re: mesh link in IAP-175


Have you tried increasing the power levels manually on 802.11a on the AP ? But that change may not get the distance you are trying to achieve considering that it is using 802.11a to do the mesh link.




Thank you

Victor Fabian
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Re: mesh link in IAP-175



Instant currently has a limit of around 400 meters for client access on an SSID as well as for mesh links.


There is an open bug on this we hope to resolve soon.  

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Re: mesh link in IAP-175


Does the height at which the antennas are placed affect the distance between the mesh-point & mesh portal.


i think higher the antenna from the ground, the distance of the link can go a bit longer... please correct me if my assumption is wrong.

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Re: mesh link in IAP-175



This is correct, but according to clukas, the bug will still prevent it from working.


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Re: mesh link in IAP-175

Colin is correct. Antenna height has nothing to do with the software issue.

It is necessary to have the antenna at least 10m above ground for a 500m link.

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