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mesh point not stable


I'm trying to setup a mesh to two different AP's that dont have ethernet around them.  The cleints are only going to be wireless so no need to try and backhaul the AP's ethernet over the mesh too.

I've got a new AP group setup for the Mesh AP's.

I've provisioned the Mesh portals and they seem to have taken the config as expected and running.  When I provision the mesh point AP's though they again seem to take the config but then when disconnected from the ethernet and powered with a standalond PSU they seem to connect over the mesh (you can see them in the GUI as connected as mesh points) but the mesh point only seems to be connected for a matter of minutes before going offline again.  Also when the AP is meshed I'm unable to ping using the IP that is (if you're fast enough) listed on the AP provision screen.  Also when the AP appears in the AP provissioning screen is has MDo flags, not sure why it would have no or dirty config though...

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Re: mesh point not stable

Turns out it looks like the issue I had was down to my mesh portal being an AP105 and the mesh point being an AP135.  Changed the point to an AP105 and it connected and became stable.

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