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mesh portal power

I have a mesh network with 2 portals. Recently all points have been connecting to the #1 portal. I bumped the power on the #2 portal to max as a test and all the APs moved to #2. Am I correct to assume that by powering the #2 portal down slowly, eventually I will get an even distribution of points to portals?

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Re: mesh portal power

Have you changed the algorithm in the mesh radio profile? Typically the distributed tree option is supposed to take into account mesh portal load.
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Re: mesh portal power

I found that setting and it is set to the distributed model. 



Re: mesh portal power

Nevermind, saw you checked that already



Mesh Radio profile


Config > Mesh > Mesh Radio > <profile>




Also check your reselection-mode. What is it set to?


Both portals are on the same AP group correct? Or are the two portals in different groups?

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