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mismatches -- finding miss-set overrides

We had a VAR "helping" with our Airwave deployment.

We had asked to have the mismatches resolved in preparation for moving from monitor to manage with Airwave.


The VAR was using the override settings to hide the mismatches, rather than actually resolving them when I stopped him.


How can I see a list of all current overrides so that I can remove them and get a full view of the actual mismatches.




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Aruba Employee

Re: mismatches -- finding miss-set overrides

Are you talking about the ignore mismatch feature on the device's audit page, or the controller overrides on the device's manage page?


If it's the ignores, click the  "Customize" button on the device's audit page, then unselect any checked boxes next to the rows and click "Save".


The controller overrides on the other hand are a legitimate way to resolve mismatches. The most common use case for overrides is to make Airwave not desire to delete unreferenced (i.e. unused) profiles from the controller.