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move a Wlan in the tree

I have just successfully migrated a 7210 controller from 6.5 to and put it into the correct position in the hierarchy.

As a next step we will add controllers at other locations, and rather than recreate all wlans at the new sites I would like to move them up the tree so they are inherited by the new devices.


Any suggestion how to move a wlan ?

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Re: move a Wlan in the tree

You cannot move WLANs.  You should delete it and then create it higher up in the tree.  You would typically create a WLAN as high up as you need to and make the VLAN a VLAN name.  You would then define the same VLAN  name at each individual folder or MD (controller) based on the VLAN number you would want it to be for that folder or controller.

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Re: move a Wlan in the tree

thanks for the quick reply.
I must admit, I was just hoping to find an undocumented feature.

in our current project we have imported several wlans into te new OS8x setup when we migrated the controller.

Adding new controllers will create a topology tree which requires these wlans on several sites, and it would be a huge improvement to be able to move them up to a level where other newly installed controllers would inherit these wlans


cheers !

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