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n(20Mhz) vs ac(20Mhz)

I've got a couple APs that are showing n(20Mhz) instead of ac. Just wondering where I could find the setting that would be causing this...? I changed some others by adding HT support on the radio profile, but these APs already have that enabled.


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 9.35.21 PM.png


Re: n(20Mhz) vs ac(20Mhz)

EDIT: **Sorry I missed the 'some' part of the question**



You removed the headers from the table, but you can see that the 2.4GHz channels (1, 6, 11) all show up as n(20), and the 5 GHz channels (36 an higher) show up as ac(20).


n in the table stands for the 802.11n standard and indicates High Throughput (HT)

ac stands for the 802.11ac standard which uses Very High Throughput (VHT), however on 5 GHz only.


802.11ac is a 5 GHz only standard, so the 5 GHz radio is 11ac, where the radio on 2.4 GHz is using 11n.


This is expected behavior. You can run ac(40) or ac(80) with 40 or 80 MHz channels, however that is only advised in an environment with very few AP's to avoid interference between different AP's.

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Re: n(20Mhz) vs ac(20Mhz)

What can help you to find the source of configuration is the show ap profile-usage command:



(Aruba7005) #show ap profile-usage ap-name AP225-23:28

AP "AP225-23:28" Profiles
Profile Type                         Profile                            Source
------------                         -------                            ------
AP system profile                    leds-diabled                       ap-name "AP225-23:28" ap-system-profile
Regulatory Domain profile            5g-only-low                        ap-group "HomeLab" regulatory-domain-profile
RF Optimization Profile              default                            ap-group "HomeLab" rf-optimization-profile
RF Event Thresholds Profile          default                            ap-group "HomeLab" event-thresholds-profile
AP group                             HomeLab
AP name                              AP225-23:28

AP "AP225-23:28" Radio 0 Profiles
Profile Type                             Profile      Source
------------                             -------      ------
802.11a radio profile                    homelab-a    ap-group "HomeLab" dot11a-radio-profile
Adaptive Radio Management (ARM) profile  min-15-nocm  rf dot11a-radio-profile "homelab-a" arm-profile
High-throughput radio profile            default-a    rf dot11a-radio-profile "homelab-a" ht-radio-profile
Spectrum profile                         default-a    rf dot11a-radio-profile "homelab-a" spectrum-profile
AM Scanning profile                      default      rf dot11a-radio-profile "homelab-a" am-scan-profile

(output above cleaned up a bit to improve readability)


Then most specific have a look at the Radio 0 Profiles; and the difference between those AP's. Ther might be a AP specific configuration that disabled VHT on some of the AP's.




If you have urgent issues, please contact your Aruba partner or Aruba TAC (click for contact details).
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