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no connectivity after wake from sleep

I'm trying to troubleshoot a pretty baffling issue at the moment.  For the last few months, we've seen a problem where client laptops waking from sleep will get an IP address, show full connectivity, but be unable to browse the Internet or other network resrouces.  Somewhere between 2 and 15 minutes later, full connectivty is restored for no appearent reason.  The problem has gotten prgressively worse in the last several days.


This is occuring on multiple SSIDs, different AP groups, different subnets, etc.  All APs are 802.11n, all SSIDs are set to use WPA2 with AES.  Controller is running 6.3.13.  We are doing some mac address authentication with Clearpass on one SSID, but the problem occurs elsewhere as well.  Looking at the firewall logs on the controller, pings leave the client machine, I can see the response being returned to the client, but the client never receives the response or any other network traffic.  The problem occurs on Mac and Windows, and virtually every OS we run.


Any thoughts or ideas would be greatly appreciated.

Re: no connectivity after wake from sleep

Please open a case for this.  Our support team can help isolate and resolve

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Re: no connectivity after wake from sleep

Curious what the fix was for this? I'm running into the same issue when my clients wake from sleep. 

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Re: no connectivity after wake from sleep

This was so long ago I honestly don't remember.  It was probably a code update on the controller.  We've also tuned different things including 802.11k, DFS channels, power levels, and some other things with Client Match which could all mess with waking from sleep.

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Re: no connectivity after wake from sleep

If you have any input regarding the configuration of client devices, I would recommend dislabing (especially in Windows) the NIC sleep feature. Not sure how to address from the Aruba end. What kind of authentication is in place?

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