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num assoc column in show ap association

I have a 3600 controller running and when I do the command show ap association ap-name "name" it shows:


Association Table
Name bssid mac auth assoc aid l-int essid vlan-id tunnel-id phy assoc. time num assoc Flags
---- ----- --- ---- ----- --- ----- ----- ------- --------- --- ----------- --------- -----
00:24:6c:ca:26:81 00:24:6c:22:68:10 8c:58:77:40:6f:54 y y 5 10 ZionsDirectFreeWiFi 102 0x0 g 5m:11s 88 A


I have a question about the num assoc column, according to the command line reference guide num assoc refers to the number of clients associated with the AP.  It shows 88, does that mean there are 88 clents associated to that AP?  If so why is it only showing one mac address?  Or does it refer to the number of times that client has tried to associate? 

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Re: num assoc column in show ap association

In the majority of cases it should only be 1.  Please open a support case.


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