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number of AP a controller a support

i have 3200 controller and it can support 32 AP. It is reaching the maximum AP that the controller can support. I notice that it can also 8 unit of wired access point. What does wired access point mean? can i use it to extend the number of AP the controller can support?

Re: number of AP a controller a support


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The WiredAP aint help you get what u asking for.:smileysurprised:

The WiredAP usually used to connect Aruba switch's (2500/3500) and allow them to get AAA/access roles/vlans from the main Aruba controller.



In order to controller more AP units you should consider:

  • Buy another small controller (use it as local)
  • convert your deployment from CAP to RAP (GRE to IPSEC) (GRE=up to 32 IPSEC=up to 128) - just add more pef/ap lic's


  • buy Instant AP units (use them as Virtualcontroller manged -  connected VPN ipsec to your controller)



Hope it gave you some ideas on how to extand you deployent .


have a lovely weekend.



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