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obtain information signal scope of APs in Aruba

Good afternoon.

I have a client that in his company use for monitoring Aruba and Airwave for review and check the state of all Access Point that there are in the building. About 22 Access Point in total.

Now, my client ask us monitoring the Power and scope of signal in Open Manager aplication.

I don´t know if that is possibled that OPEN MANAGER permit to define a threshold to generate alarms.

Firts to all, I like to know where I can get the power/scope Signal of echar Access Point ( 20 in total) in real time in Aruba or Airwave Console. I cannot find this information.


Can something help me with this problem?

After to solve the problem for obtain this information, the question is, is possible that a program as OPEN MANAGER can monitoring the power signal of each AP?


Aruba controller is locate in VLAN different to VLAN of servers where is locate the OPEN MANAGER application. There are connectivity between devices.


I hope that expert can help me.


Thank very much i advance.



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Re: obtain information signal scope of APs in Aruba

some questions:


what is: Open Manager ? provide a link  to the application website. you can get information from the controller with SNMP, so if Open Manager supports that you might get it to work.


then, what is: power/scope Signal ?


the power you can see in the control, it is the dBM value in most monitor screens about APs. the scope i really don't understand.

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