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openDNS with Instants

Has anybody used openDNS accounts with Instant APs. I am particularly interested how caching of reolved IP addresses is avoided and if allowing guests to directly browse to a "bad" internet IP address can be avoided?. Is the openDNS solution a good one for branch offices that have guest and corporate internet traffic. My questions might seem a little vague but the openDNS site isn't specific enough and as usual the Instant documentation is inadequate.

Re: openDNS with Instants

At a summary level, Aruba Instant supports URL filtering against OpenDNS. All DNS requests are redirected to OpenDNS. If permitted, OpenDNS will send back a resolved IP address. If not, the HTTP request will not go further.   


There are more advanced options added in 3.0 and those are managed by OpenDNS themselves.  Basically, you can add the IAPs into your OpenDNS account and configure advanced features like security, content filtering, blacklist, etc.

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Re: openDNS with Instants

Can OpenDNS be configured exclusively on a "Guest" SSID such that an "Employee" still uses corporate DNS?


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