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phone on hospitality ap wired port



I am testing a 205-H. At the moment when I connect a Cisco 7911 phone the phone doesn't pick up the 'Operational Vlan ID', so I have to manually configure it on the phone (this does then work).


The port profile has an lldp profile:


Parameter Value
--------- -----
PDU transmission Enabled
Reception of LLDP PDUs Enabled
Transmit interval (seconds) 30
Transmit hold multiplier 4
Optional TLVs port-description system-description system-name capabilities management-address
802.1 TLVs port-vlan vlan-name
802.3 TLVs mac link-aggregation mfs power
LLDP-MED TLVs capabilities inventory network-policy
LLDP-MED network policy profile ucs-rnb-voice_lldpmed


The lldp-med profile is:


Parameter Value
--------- -----
LLDP-MED application type voice
LLDP-MED application VLAN 2480
LLDP-MED application VLAN tagging Tagged
LLDP-MED application Layer-2 priority 5
LLDP-MED application Differentiated Services Code Point 46


I didn't actually create these, I think they're probably the result of a colleagues previous attempts at getting this to work.


The wired-ap-profile has vlan 1 untagged (which I want to use for the data vlan), and the phone vlan tagged.


Is this a known issue? Is there something I should be doing differently so that the phone can receive the vlan info from the AP port?



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