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point to point aggregation and/or failover

I apologize ahead of time because I am new to aruba wireless.

I have a client that wants us to set up a point to point wireless bridge. What my predecessor ordered for them is 4 MSR2000’s and 4 ANT-2x2-5614u antennae. The planned implementation is to have two antennae at each building providing either aggregated and/or failover connectivity... What are my options for configuring the ap’s for aggregation and/or failover? Any other suggestions you would make?



Re: point to point aggregation and/or failover

AirMesh only allows maximum one wireless link between two nodes, and doesn't support radio bundling.


The node/link redundancy pretection is achieved via routing topology, like the triangle topology below:


MSR2K-1(radio 0)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~(radio0)MSR2K-2

  (radio 1)~~~~~~~~~~(radio 0)MSR2K-3(radio 1)~~~~~~~~~~(radio 1)


Since AirMesh runs layer3 routing protocol (AWR), if the primary link between MSR2K-1 and MSR2K-2 fails, the traffic can be quickly switched to the backup MSR2K-1---MSR2K-3---MSR2K-2 path within a second.


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