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Re: provision ap ip address via the controller command line

@anish2018 wrote:

yeah got your point!

Usually i used to create scripts in excel sheet to rename the AP's,once you prepare just copy and paste it in controller. you can rename all AP's just like that.


So i was thinking to create similar kind of scripts in excel sheet and paste it in controller. wonder to know if anyone did this before :)

It is not simple.  If you were going to boot up the APs using DHCP first, you would have to know:


1 - What ip address the AP got via dhcp (the AP will not show up on the controller without an ip address).

2 - What ip address, ap name and ap-group do you want the AP to have

3 - Make sure the AP is terminated on the controller before running the script (the command will not work unless the AP is up, has an ip address and is terminated on the controller.


By the time you do all three, you are pretty much doing what you just did manually.  Companies have standards, but they can be convinced of best practices if it is in their best interest.  Please work with your local Aruba Engineer to ensure that you are doing everything in your and your customer's best interest.  Having access points at scale in the 1000s can be very difficult to manage day 2 if you are using static ip addresses.

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