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proxy redirect

hi please help


i have an aruba 7010 controller, and a cisco aironport as a proxy, i want to redirect a trafic of  a captive portal users to the proxy without adding a ip proxy on browser

- the proxy is on forward mode but CP users are without anthentification

- the ip proxy  is enabled manualy on browser on forwad mode

- DHCP CP users @ 192.x.x.x

- DHCP employes @10.x.x.x

thank's for reply





Re: proxy redirect

Simple,Us DST-NAT in your acl:


Here is an example:

ip access-list session "route"
any any any dst-nat name 'www.yahoo.com' 80 position 1 queue low












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Re: proxy redirect

Be sure you have an IP on the controller for each user subnet.

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Re: proxy redirect

hello  M Tim Cappalli


thank's for your help but  it's not working

i suspect the fact i have  dis-nat rule to nat subnet from 192.x.x.x to 10.x.x.x to route  a guest on wired Lan

is it right ????

if yes how can i mitigate


thank you




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