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query on routing with different gateway on controller



I have a scenario in which controller has two public IP interfaces namely VLAN 197 and VLAN 300. among which VLAN 300 is controller IP address. i want to use some VLANs (20,21,22) to reach internet via VLAN 300 public IP address using natting and one VLAN (50) alone to reach the internet via VLAN 197 public IP address. which means we have two public IP address configured for two VLANs. 


for the above scenario, can i use ip nat inside for the VLANs (20,21,22) reaching internet which is going to use VLAN 300 and source NAT ACL for other VLAN (50) so that it will use only the VLAN 197 public IP address and not using controller IP?


Thanks in advance. 

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