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"Added AP" log message

Hello all!


I have an AP at a remote site that is connected to the controller at the home office via a VPN connection. While troubleshooting an issue today I found these errors that are coinciding with customer complaints of citrix disconnects. The wired clients have not noticed any issues. The switch port that the AP is connected to shows no issues, and the controller shows the AP with an uptime of 35 days. Does this log message indicate the AP lost connectivity to the controller?

Oct 10 09:56:17 Aruba-Local1 stm[1627]: <400168> <NOTI> <Aruba-Local1 AP 00:0b:86:8d:03:80-WA-WAP-01

If so that would explain the wireless issues. I’m wondering if there is some adjustments I can make to this AP that would make it more forgiving to network issues that might cause it to disconnect from the controller.


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Re: "Added AP" log message

Not sure if that is conclusive.


You can do a "show log system" to see if the access point is bootstrapping or type "show ap debug counters"


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Re: "Added AP" log message

Thanks for the reply.


Nothing in the system log for this AP, but there is for the counters:


(Aruba-Local1) #  show  ap debug counters ap-name WA-WAP-01


AP Counters


Name       Group                  IP Address   Configs Sent  Configs Acked  AP Boots Sent  AP Boots Acked  Bootstraps (Total)  Reboots

----       -----                  ----------   ------------  -------------  -------------  --------------  ------------------  -------

WA-WAP-01  WA-APG-Dot11g-NoGuest  5             4              0              0               13         (23   )  5


All of the other AP’s have a count of 0 in the reboots column. This AP is connected back to the controller through a VPN tunnel over an Internet connection. I called our provider and they recorded high signal to noise ratios in the cable modem at the same time that the AP logged those errors in my original post, but interestingly our VPN connection did not go down. Is there a way for me to adjust the keep alive timers for the GRE connection of the AP to the controller, so some other adjustment I can make?

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Re: "Added AP" log message

It looks like I can adjust the bootstrap threshold from the default of 8 to a higher number. How often are the hearbeats sent?

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