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"Dumb switch" mode for AP-205H?

Is it possible to configure an AP-205H so that ports e1, e2, and e3 just munge all of their traffic together and send it out the uplink e0 port? Basically, I want the four ports on the 205H to work like a simple unmanaged switch, so that the MACs of all connected devices (including the AP) show up at my uplink switch port. No filtering, no tagging, just all the traffic comes out. E.g., basically make ports e0 - e3 work like one of these: http://us.dlink.com/products/business-solutions/5-port-unmanaged-gigabit-switch/

(with the exception that e0 is the fixed uplink port and the source of POE, and e3 can provide passthrough POE)




Using Clearpass with our Juniper switches, we already have our wired ports sort of "auto-configured": If I plug in an AP, the system can assign its MAC to our "AP" VLAN for the wifi tunnel to the controller. If I plug in a VoIP phone, the phone's traffic gets tagged to the proper voice VLAN. If I plug in a computer or other wired device, it's traffic gets assigned to a VLAN / role based on the user who registered the device. This works for multiple devices per port, e.g. with a simple dumb switch, I can have different sorts of devices plugged into the same Juniper port, and Clearpass lets the switch know how to handle each device.


SO, for me, the easiest way to handle a 205H with various things plugged into its e1, e2, and e3 ports would be to just forward all the traffic, and let my existing scheme sort it out in the Juniper, rather than having a unique config within the 205H.


(The ugly bit for me is that our VoIP phones have different VLANs per building/floor/area, as part of our 911 location system. This is currently part of the VLAN config per switch. But, if I tunnel all the phones to the controller, then I need a different scheme to sort out which area the phone is located in. I'm sure I could rework all that so the controller finds the location via LLDP or something, but for now, I just want the wired ports to work like they do without the 205H in the middle :-)




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