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"Logged Alert Visibilty" in System > Triggers.

Could anyone explain the "Logged Alert Visibility" options avalable when creating a trigger please?

I gather that the options are available in order to restrict viewing of the alert to AMP users.


"By Triggering Agent": I assume that this is the device that triggered the alert.

"By Role": I imagine that this restricts viewing of the alert to AMP users that have visibility of the folder in which the device is located.


Since the triggering agent (device) will already be in a folder, which restricts AMP users viewing it, I fail to understand the options.


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Re: "Logged Alert Visibilty" in System > Triggers.

You're pretty close.


By Triggering Agent: user roles that have visibility of the device will be able to see the alert generated


UserA and UserB have different roles (RoleA, RoleB) restricting visibility of BuildingA and BuildingB respectively.  AMP admin creates trigger with visibility by triggering agent.  AP in BuildingA causes trigger to fire -> only UserA can see the alert, UserB does not see the alert.  Admin users would have visibility of all.



By Role: user roles that match the role of the user who created the alert will have visibility of alerts generated


UserA creates a trigger, it fires.  UserB does not have visibility since their role is not the same.

Admin creates a trigger -> only other Admin users can view.

Rob Gin
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Re: "Logged Alert Visibilty" in System > Triggers.

Thanks for that very straight forward explanation Rob.



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