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"show interface descriptions" command

Do the mobility access switches have anything like the 'show interface descriptions' command? I know that 'show interface status' will give you a truncated port description and sometimes that's enough to go on, but to just be able to see the labels you've applied to ports is a big time-saver when you're troubleshooting and need to know what's connected to a certain port. Maybe someone has already submitted a request for this in an upcoming firmware rev?

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Re: "show interface descriptions" command

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Re: "show interface descriptions" command


It isn't perfect but:


show interface | include "is admin,face is"


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Re: "show interface descriptions" command

Thank you!! That's good information. I was able to take the command you gave and tweak it just a little to get what I'm looking for (I changed it to:


show interface | include "GE,face is"


That did the trick! Appreciate the help.

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Re: "show interface descriptions" command

Try the "show name"


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Re: "show interface descriptions" command

Thanks for the suggestion, but there is no 'show name' command in the CLI for the Aruba Mobility Access Switches. There is for the HP-branded equipment - we have 5412 and a 5406 - and I use 'show name' frequently on those. I wish the MASs had it, but at last check they do not.

The best I've been able to come up with is this:


show running-config | include "/0/0,**"


This only works because when I put in a description for an interface, I always put a couple of asterisks at the beginning and end of the description, i.e.:


(Aruba MAS) (config) #interface gigabitethernet 3/0/0
(Aruba MAS) (gigabitethernet "3/0/0") #description "**Drop M-207, Rm. 230**"

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