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rap-5 and static ip assignment

i have been doing some reading and i see that u can assign a static IP from your service provider and i see the screen to do it.


one question i have is what if your unsure of the DNS servers that your provider has?? can you use a standard one from the web??


also what would you use for the domain name?? would this one givien by the dsl provider or the domain name of the network your putting it onto..


i tried to provision it without these parameters but it will not take it.


Re: rap-5 and static ip assignment

You need the DNS servers (especially if the RAP is provisioned against a hostname rather than IP).  If you don't know your local DNS servers, use some public servers; or or similar.   The domain name you enter should not be an issue either way.

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Re: rap-5 and static ip assignment

it will be assigned an ip address....


not using a hostname...................

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