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rap and failover config



with the introduction of the AP-203RP i started reviewing our master/local config.  For cap's there is no issue.  For rap's...


I noticed the rap whitelist is replicated from master to local.  But the rest of the config is not.  I need to manually define an address pool on the local?


Rap's are typically terminated on the master controller (as in our case).  But do they also follow the LMS group configuration?  Then i assume the missing address pool is preventing the rap to be terminated on the local controller (since the primary lms ip is the one for the local controller).


I've also read that to prevent rap's from not booting when a the master controller is down, i need to provide the aruba-master dns name with two A records?

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Re: rap and failover config

The RAP pool is a local configuration that is not replicated. It needs to be done on every controller.

For rap redundancy, you would need to point it at a DNS a-record that had two entries that either does round robin or returns both entries to the rap. Typically that would be a different DnS entry than aruba-master.

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Re: rap and failover config

Thx, enable the dhcp pool and the rap terminated on the local controller.  I believe implementing VRRP would be a better solution as then we're only dealing with a single ip address.

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