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rarely lost icmp packets

Hi Airheads experts,


I would like to ask for your help regarding icmp messages.

We have an Aruba 650 controller with 14 APs. The OS version is
When we ping from a wireless client to a wired device, rarely one icmp packet is lost.
Default it wouldn't be a problem but we have a third party voip system which monitor the voip phones availability with icmp packet. And therefore the system shows us that the voip phone is unavailable.

Could you check my attached icmp log file that this is a normal behavior or not? (another wifi system we didn't experienced like this)


Thank you in advence for your reply!

Best regards,


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Re: rarely lost icmp packets

An occasional dropped ping is normal for a shared medium like wireless.  As more and more clients come onto the network, that could only increase.  Wireless VOIP traffic is typically marked with WMM which prioritizes traffic over the air.  ICMP is not prioritized.

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Re: rarely lost icmp packets

Thank you Colin!

It was useful.

Then they have to handle this problem on the application side.




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