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real throughput of aruba 7xxx controllers


I´m running an aruba 7005 with 5 AP315 for 70 devices now - but the company wants to switch to "all WiFi" now (250+ devices) and this brings my to think about the following questions:


Is the 7005 capable of handling that? Here I read about 2Gbps firewall throughput only (and for correcting DSCP headers {for Skype for Business esp.}  I think I need that firewall functionality) 


Isn´t the whole traffic from all APs going through that tiny little device and if so:

How is it to be done to give any of the 250+ users who have now a dedicated 1Gbps uplink to a zl5400 for each own the same performance sharing only 4 1Gbps-ports on a 7005?


What would be the right solution for this scenario?


Thanks - F.One


Re: real throughput of aruba 7xxx controllers

Firstly, it would not be likely that your wired users are using MORE than 2Gbps continuous on the network. If you DO need more, you just need to move to a larger controller with more capacity. That said, we rarely see large college dorms at night exceeding this sustained throughput.

Jerrod Howard
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Re: real throughput of aruba 7xxx controllers

Thank you for your reply.

But unfortunately: they do. Not continously but in peaks.


So I think we will have to switch to better hardware and MC-VA-50 with KVM.


I will ask a few questions for VA (hardware recommendations and licensing) in a new thread.

Thanks - F.One

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