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remote ap VPN IP pool


I set up the VPN controller IP POOL on the local controller with a different network bandwidth than the master controller.

ex) Master controller VPN IP Pool:
Local controller VPN IP Pool:


After setting it as campus AP, it succeeded to work with local controller.


I then used Provisioning to change the AP to RAP and set the forwarding mode to Bridge.


However, after provisioning with RAP, the AP went down.


However, if the local controller is changed to the network bandwidth of the VPN IP pool of the master controller, the AP state is connected to the RAP and becomes UP.


Anyone know why?

Re: remote ap VPN IP pool

ensure that your inner ip address pool is not overlapped with any interface or route or IP that is assigned to the outer IP of the RAP. For example, if your network is already using 10.x.x.x address space, then make the pool something like (or whatever) - it just needs to never overlap with anything else.


also, the pool does not itself need to be unique between controllers, just has to adhere to the rule above.


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