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roaming is internet slow


I have problem with Aruba515 when using 5 of them to be an Accesspoint
by using Ubiquiti switch for powersuply and Mikrotik to control dhcp for each equipment.

The problem is wifi speed was drop when the connection to access point is changed.

Example. When my mobile was connect to AP1 test speed was 500mb/s but when I moving to close the AP2
It will change to connecting AP2 instread but test speed was drop to only 20mb/s
also If I move back to close AP1 the speed will
drop to only 8mb/s meaning every time change the conection to access point the conection speed was drop.

Only restart the Wifi conection speed will back normal to 500mb/s.

Could you help me slove this problem?

Thank you

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Re: roaming is internet slow



There could be many many reasons for this and its hard to answer this without more specific details. Do you run physical or virtual Mobility Controllers or is this a Instant AP environment? What firmware level?


Most likely you have some RF issues...

For example was the client connected to the 2.4GHz or 5GHz radio when it roams and the throughput drops. And also what channel and channel-width is used on the roaming access points, and is this spectrum clean from co-channel interference or other type of (non) wifi interference from yourself our neighbours. Did you use a spectrum analyser to check the air quality.


Please share use some more information so we can help you. For urgent matters please open an Aruba TAC supportticket.


Kind Regards Marcel Koedijk
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Re: roaming is internet slow

I was able to fix this problem disable the management frame protection function.



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