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script for the Whitelist

I have over 200 APs I need to change thier hostname that are on the Whitelist CPSec list. Is there a script I can use to change the names instead of manually changing each entry by hand and then reboot. I was kinda of looking for a find and replace type of application like in Microsoft Excel

Re: script for the Whitelist

for 200 APs, maybe just easier to roll your own.


Assuming you have a text file that has the mac_addr and the desired new name "comma separated", e.g.




then using using a linux box (or install cygwin on windows), assuming the text file is named "the_text_file.txt", then run the following


for i in `cat the_text_file.txt`; do
    mac=`echo $i | cut -d',' -f1`
    new_name=`echo $i | cut -d',' -f2`
    echo "whitelist-db cpsec modify mac-address $mac ap-name $new_name"
# Uncomment the next line if you want to reboot them
# echo "apboot wired-mac $mac" done

now copy paste the resultant output to the aruba CLI, test it with just copy/paste the first few lines to make sure it does what you expect.




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Re: script for the Whitelist

Thanks for your reply. Ended up doing a sh whitelist cpec ap-group XXX.
Copy to a text file. I edited the text file adding what I need and taking
things out. Then edit each line adding whitelist cpsec modify mac-address
in the front. Did a copy and paste on the controller and then rebooted the
group. All APs in the group rebooted but I had to be on the local though


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