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sd-branch for small branches

I've a requirement for our customer which requires around 4 branches and 1 HQ to do SD-Branch solution. 2 of them are around 100 users each. The rest are around 30 users or less a branch. When looking the SD Branch brochure, the headend gateway model will start at  7210 for HQ. The model likes too big and too much budget. Not sure will Aruba plan to do other model that can fit these requirement? At branch I'm looking to use the 7005 or 7008. Any other ideas or suggests, please.

Re: sd-branch for small branches

Only Controllers starting from 7210 and up are supported to act as VPN Concentrator in the HQ. 70xx are available for Brnach Installation. You have to choose one of those for full SD Featureset.


What you can do is Instant Clusters on Branch side and 70xx Controller on HQ. Instant is capable of creating a tunnel to the 70xx Controller.

More information in Instant VRD - https://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Validated-Reference-Design/Aruba-Instant-Validated-Reference-Design-V2-0/ta-p/456734

Chapter "VPN Branch Deployment"

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Re: sd-branch for small branches



Re: sd-branch for small branches

Now you can have 7000 series controller except for 7005/7008 as VPNCs as well.

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