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setting up master-redundancy

Hello Experts , i need to setup master-redundancy between two aruba 7030 controllers so i have decided the following steps


provide basic config on both the master/standy controllers in terms of IP addressing/VRRP <<<<<<< connect master to the network and bring it up <<<<<<<< connect standy to the network and bring it up <<<<<< let them negotiate their roles as the master controller which was brouight first will become master because i have set the following


vrrp 104
priority 110
authentication tr4ff1c
ip address
description "Preferred Master"
vlan 104
no shutdown
tracking master-up-time 1 add 20


so once the roles are negotiated , i apply licenses on the master contoller and wait untill it syncs up with the standby <<<<< apply user roles config / firewall ACL's and save the config and see if the config syncs up .


apply firewal dpi on the secondary and reboot it and then i am done ?


post that i will bring up the ap's and then user testing etc.


please advise if i am correct ?

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Re: setting up master-redundancy

All you need to setup master redundancy between two controllers is to:


- Setup a VRRP between two controllers on their management subnet and make sure the controller you want the global configuration from is the MASTER of that VRRP

- Setup master redundancy and specify the VRRP instance you just created on the MASTER side first. https://www.arubanetworks.com/techdocs/ArubaOS_64x_WebHelp/Web_Help_Index.htm#ArubaFrameStyles/VRRP/Redundancy_Parameters.htm#Configur3  Setup master redundancy on the backup side second.  A few seconds after the backup side is configured, "show switches" will show the backup as the backup master and the backup master will get the global configuration.


You have the option to turn on centralized licensing anywhere in the process, because it is only needed when access points will be terminating on the backup master, really.

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