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single VLAN with multiple subnets in 7200 controller

Hi ,


I have scenario where multiple subnets to be added in same vlan ..which is very much possible in my wired netwoek set-up however I am bit confused in unified wireless set-up .


I have read couple of discussion in this community but discussion ends up with VLAN pooling in which you are mapping multiple vlans .


My scenario is, I already have existing vlan with existing subnet however since that perticular pool is excausted so we are introducing new subnet in same vlan.


Wired side , I just need to configure the secondary ip address under same interface but how about in 7200 wireless lan controller ?


can i map multiple subnets into same vlan (SSID ) ? if yes , can anybody please share the configuration template ?



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Re: single VLAN with multiple subnets in 7200 controller

Hi Friend,


Solution for your problem is "VLAN Pool". Create a VLAN pool with required VLAN fo different subnets and map it to the VAP profile where the SSID profile is mapped.


Client will get an IP address from one of the VLAN ( mapped to the pool) as per the selection algorithm select for the pool. though client of the same SSID getting IPs from different subnets, they will have communication as they are mapped to the same VLAN (subnet), we need not worry about the interVLAN communication.


For you ref :

To create a VLAN pool :

VLAN pool1.JPG


To map  VLAN pool to the required VAP :


VLAN pool2.JPG



Please feel free for any further help on this.

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: single VLAN with multiple subnets in 7200 controller



Thanks for your reply ....


I understood that , if you have multiple vlans in LAN , you have create pool and map the respective vlans to same pool .


however in my scenario ,


I have only one vlan and two subnets coming from LAN and I need to map those subnets into controller for one SSID .


for example :


vlan 2 /24 secondary


and in controller i need to map the same vlan 2 with different subnets .


so can i create a VLAN pool and map same vlan 2 with two different subnets .... is it possible ?



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Re: single VLAN with multiple subnets in 7200 controller

No.   Client are only placed into VLANs based on VLAN numbers.

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