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some troubles of mobile phones getting access to Aruba wifi

Hell guys,here are the problems I encounted while manage aruba wifi daily.:


1.While mobile phones (with dual cards dual standby)have connected with Aruba Wifi  ,they possibly could be disconnected  by controller.  As I ckeck the MAC address in controller monitoring,I found  the mobile phones have two different IPs. One is Lan IP,the other is Internet IP.

2.After upgraded to verson, some mobile devices still have wifi connecting problems while roaming. 


I am looking forward to your ideas.Thank you!


Controller Model:Aruba3200(version:

AP model:IAP-105



Re: some troubles of mobile phones getting access to Aruba wifi

Disable the band steering and the spectrum load balancer  try again

some androids phones does not like o be deathenticated or does not reach well with band steering...  I remenber i read it on the break out of macau 2013 slides!




Slide 48




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