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something about 802.1x certificates

Hi dear.


I want to ask a stupid question.


Now wireless users visit the newworks through the 802.1x authentication.  Aruba AC3000 is as the 802.1x authenticator device,and the authentication server is an external windows AD control


Now I want make  the wireless user (windowns7 notebook) to use certificates for authentication.  I should install the certificate in the notebook and in the windows AD server . 

In the case,Do I need to install or import any certificate into the Aruba AC ?:manhappy:

In adition , under what circumstances does the Aruba AC need to install the certificate ?



Thank you very much


Re: something about 802.1x certificates

Most typically the Radius server in the authentication chain is where the certificate resides in the 802.1x network.


By default, the Aruba controller passes 802.1x traffic through to the AAA server, and thus does not require a certificate.


The Aruba controller can ALSO be configured to 'terminate' EAP-PEAP and EAP-TLS transactions, in which case it would need to have the 'server side' of the certificate requirements met.


How do you have your controller configured at present under 802.1x authentication profile ?


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Re: something about 802.1x certificates

When the Aruba controller passes 802.1x traffic through to the AAA server,     If the client still want to" use   certificate" , is the certificate  only  depend on  the  radius server ,such as a windows IAS ?


So in the case, Can I consider that,    I dont need to  import or export any  certificate in Aruba controller  ,  but the  certificate  between wireless clinet-side   and windows IAS should be create ?




Thank you ~

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