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ssl certificate warning after authentication


I am using Aruba7220 with ArubaOS


I setup a SSID using external captive portal and welcome page

After successful authentication, it should redirect client to the external welcome page

But client is redirected to a blank page before redirecting to welcome page and browser shows certificate warning when redirecting to the blank page ( The page URL is https://<controllerip>/auth/index.html.......)


Any suggestion to skip this blank page or to make this page trusted?

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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication



It looks like configuration issue, can share the snapshot of your CP-Profile and Initial role ?


We can fix this issue .

Venu Puduchery,
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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication



Here are the snapshots, thanks!

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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication

sorry, one more snapshot!

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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication

Bunny Yau,


Did you replace the Certificate for the Captive Portal on the Controller?

Is your Captive Portal page external to the controller or is is on another web server (https://wifi4.hbkn.net...)?

If the Captive Portal is on an external server, does it have an SSL certificate that your clients trust?

Do you have "use http" checked as a troubleshooting step?  It should be unchecked if you want to do https.

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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication

I did not replace the certificate


ys, the external portal hosted on another webserver and it does have the trust certificate because there is no certificate warning when I access the welcome page directly 


I tried https and alter the welcome page to https://wifi4...... but got same result.


another image for more information... thanks


Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication

the cert error is implying that somewhere you have a redirect to, but the cert (as it shows) in the controller has a CN=securelogin.arubanetworks.com


please replace any usage of http(s):// on your external cp with http(s)://securelogin.arubanetworks.com


having said this, https is always going to complain when a client tries to connect to https://google.com and it gets back a redirect to https://securelogin.arubantworks.com -- but that is a slightly different issue than the one you appear to have here.


note that a client will always receive a spoofed DNS response for securelogin.arubanetworks.com for the switch IP of the controller it is connected to - you do not need to put that in your DNS






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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication

Hello All,


I have a simliar Problem. I have buy an SSL Zertfikat without Passphrase for my Captive Portal. If i

Upload this to my IAP 205, i get a meesage that the import was Successfully. But after this the Access Point get an Time out and i must restart the Access Point. And I see that Certificat was not imported.

Have everyone an Idea to solve this Issue?



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Re: ssl certificate warning after authentication

sorry Betta but that is a totally different issue, please repost here: http://community.arubanetworks.com/t5/Aruba-Instant-Cloud-Wi-Fi/bd-p/IAP with full details. i.e. software version, logs, ...

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