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sudden rise in mysql errors on controller

We're seeing a rapid increase in the number of sapm errors on one of our 7210 controllers. Is this a well-known problem or something I should be calling TAC about?


08:31:03 2018 092aw009 stm[3848]: <399803> <ERRS> <092aw009>  An internal system error has occurred at file sapm_gap.c function sapm_gap_write_radio_entry line 926 error mysql_real_query "INSERT global_radio_table SET wired_mac="04:bd:88:c3:e7:26",radio_num="0",bssid="04:bd:88:be:72:70",phy_type="80211a",type="soft-ap",ht_type="VHT-80mhz",channel="161",ht_sec_chan="0",power="48",ext_ant="0",clients="1",enabled="1"" failed.

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Re: sudden rise in mysql errors on controller

You should open a case with TAC to confirm the impact in your scenario.

Charlie Clemmer
Aruba Customer Engineering
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