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thoughts ON Polycarbonate Enclosure

Hi Everyone,


Anyone ever use these STI Polycarbonate Enclosures with AP-105's?  Any thoughts?  I'm planning on using them inside gyms.  Thoughts?






Re: thoughts ON Polycarbonate Enclosure


Im using MOELLER CI box usually if i need to protect indoor unit.

(depend on the environment - and gym environment isn't seems so hard to protect)

I deployed indoor units in similar box - 338_sfc_photo2_e75be.jpg - and it's working just fine! It's closed and protected :) - Just don't forget to make a wire ports at the bottom of the box.


Have a lovely week



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Re: thoughts ON Polycarbonate Enclosure

Thanks Me. :smileyhappy:


wire port? for what?  Kidding.  Yes, what I had my contractor do is create a cable path from the opposite wall (oustide corridor) into the gym.  Therefore its a straight shot in to the gym wall right in to the enclosure.  It looks pretty nice.  

Gym Enclosure.jpeg


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