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trap forwarding

sorry for the freeze thread that I can not go alone




I would like to contiune my question


from cjoseph's reply


If you can setup the devices in Airwave the latest version (7.3.7) will receive and forward traps to an external NMS, if you like.
The traps will be seen on the console when you click on the device in Airwave.

If you write a Trigger, the traps can be forwarded to another NMS.
How can I write a trigger? any document?
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Re: trap forwarding

Go to System> Triggers> Add Trigger.  Type should be "Device Event".  Use the Option Event Contains to match a trap that you should be getting.


In Alert Notifications in the bottom, click the checkbox NMS and your Trap destination.



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Re: trap forwarding

Hi joseph


after testing, the trap send out from airwave is airwave's native trap, not original trap I sent to airwave.


it seems that airwave receive a trap, match a content and then trigger a airwave original trap to send out.


what I hope is airwave can forward (relay) trap that airwave receive.


is this function ok for airwave?

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Re: trap forwarding

AirWave does not forward traps. Instead, it sends its own traps (or emails) in response to triggers that are configured under System > Triggers. 



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